A little about White Space?

White Space is nothing but a teenager documenting how he’s exploring and discovering things in life.

The writer on the other side of the screen (hey, it’s me!) is an introvert on things closest to his heart. He prefers writing and musing about it rather than talking. On any other subject, though, he’s a talkative soul.

And that’s why this Substack exist—to talk about the most heartfelt stuff. It’s life, love, journey, books, and lessons. However abstract it may be, it’s heartfelt.

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I spent a significant part of this past week rebranding this newsletter from Be Curious to White Space.

But why did I do that?

Long story short, I want this space to be my weekly journal where I can scribe all the learnings and musings of the week.

Before, it used to be a place to write well-researched articles. Like this one and this one.

Earlier, this used to be the introductory line:

Be Curious is just a passion project of mine, a curious teenager’s.

After writing more than 20+ issues of this newsletter, I felt like I was writing here just for the sake of it. It started to become monotonous and it seemed like another chore. Damn, I don’t want it to become that…

I want it to be my personal space. A space where I can share whatever I am feeling, without any filters. That’s why White Space.

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