A little about White Space?

I spent a significant part of this past week rebranding this newsletter from Be Curious to White Space.

But why did I do that?

Long story short, I want this space to be my weekly journal where I can scribe all the learnings and musings of the week.

Before, it used to be a place to write well-researched articles. Like this one and this one.

Earlier, this used to be the introductory line:

Be Curious is just a passion project of mine, a curious teenager’s.

After writing more than 20+ issues of this newsletter, I felt like I wasn’t able to write about the topics I care most about.

I do freelance for a website that covers history and true crimes. That’s where I think I got this knack for writing weird but interesting articles.

And then it became monotonous.

That’s why this rebranding.

I will write more about things I engage a lot with, like:

  • digital writing

  • productivity and organization

  • writing and creating systems by leveraging Notion

  • and yes… I will share a lot of free templates and resources

All in all, this newsletter will be helpful to all the writers, builders and creators.

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Stories have always appealed to me. History has taught me more than anything else. And at the intersection of these two, I get lost. And this is that intersection.

Some stories are just too important to miss and are yet unheard of. Why? I questioned myself. But I didn’t find an answer. So, I started this newsletter to curate and share wonderful stories—from past, present and future—one at a time.

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All about Be Curious

Life just happens, doesn’t it? And all that’s left with us are stories and unanswered questions that very few bother to revisit.

Let’s uncover them and just be curious to ask interesting questions and try to find their answers. From history to technology, from space science to microbiology, from inventors to photojournalists, we will visit every subject. Because curiosity and knowledge know no boundaries.

Everything that has happened or is happening, or will happen has a story. And that well maybe pure serendipity. We tell those stories.

I don’t have any goal with this newsletter apart from telling untold stories. I don’t know how it will go, but it has to start somewhere. Here it is.

Behind Be Curious: Meet the Writer (meee!)

Heya, Vritant this side. How are you doing?

It’s just too much for a random teenager over the Internet to ask to subscribe to his passion project. Right? Well, still, here I am.

I write Be Curious which hits your inbox every Sunday, be it sunny, rainy, or cold. I just love doing that. Sometimes it’s a lot of work, but I love doing that.

I am a high-school student from India. Hailing from India can be one of the reasons I started this thing in the first place. This place is so diverse that I can’t help but notice. My love for storytelling and history and economics classes may be the others.

So, yeah, that’s it for the About section, I guess. I hope you have made the decision whether or not you want to hear more from me. And I hope it’s positive.

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Vritant Kumar

A curious teenager who writes at the intersection of history, technology, storytelling and creator economy.